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Yury Zaytsev


Sports law, Labor law, Civil law, Corporate law.


Graduated from the Moscow State Law Academy, Specialization “Lawyer in sport, show business and advertising”, Thesis “Features of the employment contract termination in sport”.


Yury Zaitsev is an author of the book “Working life in the world of sports” about legal status of sportsmen and coaches, as well as the author of many publications on sports law.

Professional experience

Yury Zaitsev worked for the Football Union of Russia (FUR) for a long time, where he was executive secretary of FUR Disciplinary Committee, the member of FUR Players’ Status Committee, the member of FUR Players’ Agents Committee, and the expert on clubs’ licensing (legal and staffing criteria).
He participated in creating of FUR Regulations on the Players’ status and transfers, FUR Regulations on Players’ Agents activities, FUR Disciplinary Regulations, FUR Regulations on clubs’ licensing, as well as FUR competitions regulations. After leaving the Football Union of Russia Yury Zaitsev had moved to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Local Organizing Committee.

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Mikhail Prokopets


Sports law, Labor law, Civil law.


Russian State University for the Humanities. History, politics and the law faculty.


The author of the following books:
“Football fair. The book about football agents”.
“Football disputes settlement. Analysis of RFU and FIFA DRCs, CAS cases”.
The author of number of articles on sports law. Deputy Editor-in-Chief  and author of the specialized edition «Sports law: scientific and practical magazine”.

Professional experience

2005-2008- Associate in the Russian Football Union (RFU). Author of the amendments to the Labor code!and the Federal law on sports and physical activity in Russian Federation.
2006- spring 2008- Executive secretary (voting member) of the RFU Disciplinary committee (jurisdictional football body).
Member of Football agents licensing body (2006-2008).
From 2006- Arbitrator of the Court of arbitration for sports (Moscow chamber).
From 2007- Expert of the Football clubs licensing and Stadiums licensing committee.
2008-2013- Senior associate and the Head of Sports law department in the “YUST” law firm.
From 2014- Legal adviser to the FC “Metallist” (Kharkov, Ukraine).


Georgi Gradev


  • Football Legal

  • ASSER International Sports Law Journal

  • EPFL Sports Law Bulletin

  • IASL International Sports Law Review Pandektis

  • Еtc.


SILA (International Association of Sports Lawyers) – co-founder

IASL Case-Law Committee (since 2009)

Work experience

Owner & General Manager of GRADEV SPORTS (2004-2017)

Education and training

University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria)

University of Pittsburgh (USA)

Birkbeck, University of London (England) – International sports law (2009)

Academic experience

Visiting professor at the ISDE, Madrid (Masters in International Sports Law) – 2017

Football law experience

Working in the field of football law since 2007

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Alexandre Zen-Ruffinen


Law degree of the Neuchâtel University, Switzerland;
Attorney, Neuchâtel Bar (Switzerland).

Working languages


Professional experience

– 2000-2014: Partner of the law office Schaller Bauer Zen-Ruffinen, then Schaller Zen-Ruffinen Junod, from 2000 to 2014;
– 2015: Co-founder and Partner of INLAW & Associate;
– 2006-2016: Member of the Executive Committee of the Swiss National Basket League (LNBA);
– Since 2018: Lecturer at the Escuela Univeristaria Real Madrid, Universidad Europa’s International Master in Sports Law.


Sports law, Real Estate law, Commercial law, Contracts law, Employment law and Civil law.


FRANÇOIS BOHNET/ALEXANDRE ZEN-RUFFINEN, L’arbitrabilité des conflits individuels de travail en matière sportive, en particulier dans les domaines du football, du hockey sur glace et du basketball, in: Pascal Mahon (éd.), L’activité et l’espace : droit du sport et aménagement du territoire : mélanges en l’honneur de Piermarco Zen-Ruffinen, Bâle 2011, p. 35-49.

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Ersin Hamarat


Istanbul Law University.


Sports law, Real Estate law, Commercial law, Contracts law, Employment law and Civil law.

Professional experience

– Owner of Hamarat Law Firm since 2003;
– 2012-2016- Teaching Sports Law in Istanbul University Besyo;
– 2014-2015 – Head of Law Department of Turkish 1st League Club’s Association;
– Legal adviser for Kasımpasa Spor Club since 2008.


– Tam Saha Sport Magazine;
– The author number of articles on sports law.

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Askar Urankhayev


Larisa Stepanik

Marketing director

Sila (23 of 42)

Narek Janikyan

Senior Associate



Real estate, construction and arbitration disputes.

The experience of legal practice

From 2014.

Professional experience

Participated in projects related to disputes arising from civil, land and town-planning relations.


Russian University of Economics named after G. V. Plekhanov (Bachelor’s degree);
Russian State University of Justice (Master’s degree).

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Sergey Lysenko

Senior Associate


Sports Law, Labor Law, Civil Law, Anti-doping regulations.


Bachelor of Laws (LLB) with specialization in Private International Law at MGIMO University (Moscow Institute of International Relations) – 2017;
Advanced Master in Legal Sciences (LLM) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain) – 2018.
Foreign languages:
English (fluent); Spanish (fluent); French (basic)

Professional experience

SILA International Lawyers since 2018.
Representation of clients in different dispute resolution bodies (dispute resolution chambers of sports federations, arbitral tribunals and ordinary courts) in conflicts involving labor law, civil law, regulations of international and national sports federations and leagues (RFU, UEFA, FIFA, IIHF, FIBA, etc.), anti-doping regulations and other disciplinary matters; negotiations and mediation, redaction and legal
analysis of contracts, legal advice to clients in the sphere of sports.

Мартин фотошоп

Márton Kiss


– Sports Law: Football law
– EU Law.

Education and Training

– Pechersk School International: IB Diploma
– Maastricht University, Faculty of Law: LL.B.
– Peking University, School of Transnational Law (Shenzhen)
– Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economia (ISDE).

Professional experience

– Fintage House: Film and TV rights
– International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ),

Football law experience

– Working in the field since 2019.

Sports law experience

– Transfer of players
– Anti-doping and integrity program of FITEQ.


– Lex Sportiva (blog)
– Tax law article: https://lexsportiva.blog/2019/07/27/tax-in-sports/
– Video podcast: https://lexsportiva.blog/videos/setting-up-a-sports-law-practice/

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Ilya Chicherov

Senior Associate


Sports law, employment law, dispute resolution.


LL.B.: Faculty of Law, National Research University Higher School of Economics (2015);
LL.M. (Honours): Sports Law, Faculty of Law, National Research University Higher School of Economics (2017);
Foreign languages: English – Advanced (C1); French – Intermédiaire (В1).

 Professional experience

– 2015-2016: legal counsel in Acropol Group Holding;
– since 2016: SILA International Lawyers (ex-Legal Sport).

Represents the interests of the company`s clients in resolving disputes in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction, in the jurisdictional bodies of sports federations and leagues (RFU, UEFA, FIFA, FHR, KHL, RBF) and Court of Arbitration for Sports in Lausanne (CAS).
Provides comprehensive legal support to sports organizations.


Chicherov, I. (2016). Several problems of legal regulation of labor of athletes. In E. Gerasimova & A. Petrov (Eds.), Peculiarities of the legal regulation of labor of certain categories of employees (pp. 292-298). Moscow: National Research University Higher School of Economics;
Prokopets, M., Chicherov, I. (2017). Russia relaxes rules on betting ads to raise funds for sport. World Sports Advocate, 15(7), 4-5;
Chicherov, I. (2018). Bad faith use of right to state judicial protection by Russian football clubs. In M. Buyanova & A. Chebotaryov (Eds.), Modern problems of legal regulation of sports industry (pp. 275-283). Moscow: National Research University Higher School of Economics;
Chicherov, I. (2019). Arbitration clauses in CAS Ordinary Procedure. In A. Abashidze & A. Solntsev (Eds.), Actual problems of contemporary international law: Proceedings of the XVII Blischenko Congress (Part I, pp. 437-443). Moscow: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University).

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Pavel Fedotov


Sports law, labor law, dispute resolution.


Graduate of the NRU “Higher School of Economics” (Bachelor’s degree).
Student of the Master’s programme “Sports lawyer” of the NRU “Higher School of Economics”.

Professional experience

Participates in projects related to disputes arising from civil law relations, labor relations of athletes and coaches
with clubs and transfer relations, changing of national associations by football players and other legal relations
governed by the regulations of international and national federations and leagues (RFU, UEFA, FIFA, KHL).
Represents principal’s interests in public courts, jurisdictional bodies of the RFU and FIFA, the Court of Arbitration
for Sport in Lausanne (CAS).
Protects athletes’ rights in the bodies of international sports federations, RUSADA in cases of anti-doping rules


Daria Lukienko

Foreign languages

English (fluent), German (basic), Korean (basic).

Professional experience

Participation in representing clients in conflicts involving civil law, labor law, etc.
Legal analysis of various documents and practice of the dispute resolution chambers in the sports area, including dispute resolution chambers of sports federations and leagues (FUR, UEFA, FIFA, IIHF, RIHF), Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).
Prior to working in SILA International Lawyers used to pursue legal support of the advertising processes in the CTC Media and Media Business Solutions (MBS).


Sports Law, Intellectual Property Law, Labor Law.


2013 – 2017 – Bachelor’s Degree. Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) (Institute of Modern Applied Law, Specialization – Lawyer in the area of sport, show business and advertising);
2013 – 2017 – Kutafin Moscow State University of Law (MSAL) (Translator in the area of professional communication, English Language) The topic of the translation project was “Financing Music Labels in the Digital Era of Music”;
2017 – 2019 – Master’s Degree. Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) (Institute of Modern Applied Law, Specialization – “Sports Lawyer”);
2018 – Studied in Seoul National University (SNU) – “Semester abroad” program.


Ilya Shakhmeyster

Professional experience

2014-2018 – worked in the law firm HEADS Consulting, provided legal services in the management of apartment buildings, holding general meetings and interaction with the competent government authorities;
2018-2020 – worked at PIK-Comfort LLC (part of the PIK group of companies), was engaged in pretension work, legal representation in courts of all instances, accompanied enforcement proceedings;
Since 2020 works at SILA International Lawyers, represents clients in arbitration (commercial) courts and courts of general jurisdiction, deals with contractual and corporate law issues.


Civil law, housing law, civil and arbitration proceedings.


Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Bachelor’s degree with honors, 2015). Specialization – civil law;
Russian State University of Justice (Master’s degree, 2017). Specialization – real estate lawyer;
ANO “Law Institute “M-Logos” (2019). Course – Litigation: Tactics, Strategy, Evidence, Rhetoric and Procedure


Yury Yakhno


Sports law, labor law.


Bachelor of Law — Moscow State Law University named after O.E. Kutafin (MSAL), 2017, specialization – international law;
Master of Laws — Higher School of Economics (HSE), 2019, specialization – sports law;
Professional retraining — interpreter in the field of professional communication from English and German languages (MSAL, 2017).


Tantsura L., Yakhno Y. (2018) Modern problems of the certification of coaches in the Russian Federation.
In M. Buyanova & A. Chebotaryov (Eds.), Modern problems of legal regulation of sports industry (pp. 247-253). Moscow: National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Professional experience

From December 2017 to May 2019 – legal counsel to the State Budgetary Educational Institution “KFKS “Sparta” of the Moscow State Department of Sport;
From August 2019 to the present time- Associate to SILA International Lawyers.
Participates in projects related to various legal relationships in the field of sports, labor and civil law, provides legal advice to organizations (in particular, clubs, sports federations) in the field of sports.
Represents the clients in disputes before the jurisdictional bodies of all-Russian and international sports federations (RFU, FIFA, UEFA), as well as in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (ICAC at the RF CCI), and in courts of general jurisdiction and commercial courts of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan).