FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber accepted FK “Trakai’s” claim against Maxim Maximov and FK “Vardar”. The Player is suspended, FK “Vardar” received a transfer ban for two transfer window

On 11 April 2019, the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber rendered a high-profile decision on the claim of the Lithuanian club FK “Trakai” (from February 2019 – FK “Riteriai”) against the football player Maxim Maximov (Russia) and FK “Vardar” (Macedonia) for compensation for premature termination of the employment contract.

Not only did the FIFA DRC accept the request of FK “Trakai” to order the football player and the Macedonian club to pay compensation, but it also applied sanctions to the respondents for unlawful termination and inducement to terminate the contract in the form of a four-month suspension of Maximov and ban of FK “Vardar” on registering new players during two registration periods.

FK Trakai was represented by SILA International Lawyers.