Interview with Mikhail Prokopets for “SportExpress”

Partner of the SILA International Lawyers company Mikhail Prokopets, gave a detailed and honest interview to the “SportExpress” about the most resonant cases, the “weirdness” of our football and about the difficulties that a sports lawyer has to face.


FIFA rendered a decision in favor of Viktor Pasulko

FIFA Players’ Status Committee accepted the claim of Ukrainian coach Viktor Pasulko against Kazakhstan club FC “Okzhetpes”.


Preliminary conclusions of the winter transfer window

The winter transfer window is now over the midpoint and we are beginning to draw the preliminary conclusions.

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Mikhail Prokopets in the release of the program “Profession” on Sport24

Partner of the SILA International Lawyers company Mikhail Prokopets acted as a hero of the program “Profession”. He told about relationship with clubs of RPL, lawsuits on affairs of Azmun, Pogrebnyak, M’Vila, pitfalls in contracts, participation in the program of Evgeny Savin “KraSava” and many other things in this release. In this program were used photos […]


Podcast with Mikhail Prokopets for “Sports.ru”

Interesting cases from the practice of a sports lawyer: how it was possible to save Artem Dzyuba from “Spartak’s” penalty, why the case of Roman Eremenko was lost, how Yann M’Vila flooded a rented apartment in Moscow and much more can be heard in the latest podcast of the partner of the SILA International Lawyers Mikhail […]


The Kiselev Case: Application of Fault-Related Detection to an Intentional ADRV

A very recent Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) decision, which reduced the 4-year period of ineligibility imposed by the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) on the Russian professional cyclist Sergei Kiselev (Mr Kiselev) by 8 months, has completely changed the system for determining the appropriate period of ineligibility introduced in the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code […]


Opening of the SILA office in Turkey

SILA International Lawyers is proud to announce the opening of the Turkish office in Istanbul, the city where the largest Turkish football clubs are located.


CAS dismissed the appeal filed by agent Rafael Epstein against FC Lokomotiv

CAS dismissed the appeal filed by the agent and confirmed the decision issued by the FIFA Players’ Status Committee to reject the agent’s claim that the club shall pay him an agency fee for alleged services rendered in the context of negotiating a possible transfer of Mr Niasse Oumar from the Turkish football club FC […]