Confederation Disciplinary and Ethics Committee sancitoned Ignatiy Nesterov with 8 months period of ineligibility for doping

On 9 May 2019 the Asian Football Confederation Disciplinary and Ethics Committee issued a decision imposing 8 months period of ineligibility on Uzbekistan national team player Mr. Nesterov Ignatiy for violation of Article 6 of the AFC Anti-Doping Regulations.


CAS annulled the FIFA decision against the Bulgarian international player Spas Delev

CAS annulled the FIFA decision ordering the Bulgarian international player, Spas Delev, to pay compensation to the Bulgarian club, PFC Beroe Stara Zagora, and imposing sporting sanctions on him and his current club in Poland, Pogon.

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Senior associate of the company Ilya Chicherov made a presentation at XVII Blischenko Congress

On Saturday, April 13, Ilya Chicherov, senior associate of the Moscow office of SILA International Lawyers, made the presentation “Arbitration clauses in CAS Ordinary procedure” in the section “International sports law” at the XVII Congress International Congress on Public International Law Commemorating Professor Igor Blischenko organized annually by the Department of International Law of the […]


RFU Dispute Resolution Chamber upheld the claim of football player Ilya Samoshnikov against FC Orenburg

On Monday, April 15, the RFU Dispute Resolution Chamber held a hearing on the high-profile dispute between the football player Ilya Samoshnikov and FC Orenburg.


SILA International Lawyers company is in rating of RAPSI

On April 4, 2019, the results of the project of RAPSI (Russian Agency of Legal and Judicial Information) which is opening a series of ratings the purpose of which is to assess the interaction of law companies with the public administration system, was published.


Interview with Mikhail Prokopets for “SportExpress”

Partner of the SILA International Lawyers company Mikhail Prokopets, gave a detailed and honest interview to the “SportExpress” about the most resonant cases, the “weirdness” of our football and about the difficulties that a sports lawyer has to face.


FIFA rendered a decision in favor of Viktor Pasulko

FIFA Players’ Status Committee accepted the claim of Ukrainian coach Viktor Pasulko against Kazakhstan club FC “Okzhetpes”.


Preliminary conclusions of the winter transfer window

The winter transfer window is now over the midpoint and we are beginning to draw the preliminary conclusions.