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SILA Prava (“SILA in law”) and Championat.com have become partners

There are important changes in the life of our podcast: SILA Prava (“SILA in law”) and Championat.com have become partners, and now all episodes of the SILA Prava podcast will be released with the support and under the auspices of the Championat.Podcast on Thursdays (once in every two weeks). We are very pleased to have the opportunity to communicate our humble thoughts to a wider audience

The main topic of our new episode is a profession of football coach.
Being a coach is hard work, because he is constantly under pressure from fans, journalists and management; coach must be able to steadily endure failures and quickly forget victories; he should show the result here and now, but at the same time work for the future and give a chance to young football players.
In this episode, we talked with three generations of coaches – experienced Leonid Kuchuk, established professional Andrey Talalaev and beginner coach Andrey Karpovich and also analyzed the legal aspects of coach’s work.

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