FIFA decision- Daniil Turkovs

The player was not allowed to train with the first team for some time and was ultimately assigned to individual trainings during the mid-season break. The club had outstanding balance to the player for bonuses. The club disputed FIFA jurisdiction. FIFA retained jurisdiction and ordered the club to pay the player the outstanding balance as […]


FIFA decision -Nicolajs Kozacuks

The player signed two different contracts with the club, one of which purported to be for his image rights, but was actually a disguised employment contract. The club sacked the player due to a medical reason. The club disputed FIFA jurisdiction. FIFA retained jurisdiction and ordered the club to pay the player the outstanding balance […]

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FIFA decision- Abdul Razak Mendy

The Malta Football Players Association has hired SILA to act on behalf of the player, Abdul Razak Mendy. The player was hired by the club as a professional. The club did not pay the player’s salary for several months and did not provide him with a work permit. The club disputed FIFA jurisdiction. FIFA retained […]

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CAS issued order on provisional measures for CSKA-Sofia case

CAS decided not to replace the Bulgarian club, Dunav Ruse, with CSKA-Sofia in the 2017/18 Europa League. The club from Ruse was included in the draw by UEFA in the last minute, for CSKA-Sofia was found to be not in compliance with the “3-year rule”. The interests of Dunav before UEFA and CAS were successfully […]


FC Dunav Ruse replaced CSKA-Sofia in Europa League

Bulgarian football club Danav Ruse was drawn in Europa League today as a replacement of CSKA-Sofia, which was found in breach of the “three-year rule” provided in the UEFA Regulations. FC Dunav Ruse was represented by SILA International Lawyers.

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FIFA issued a decision in favor of the Bulgarian player, Plamen Dimov, in his dispute with the Kazakh club, Altay.

Lawyers of SILA International Lawyers have successfully represented Plamen Dimov in a dispute with FC Altay (Kazakhstan). As a result of the dispute, the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber found the club to be in breach of the contract and ordered the company’s client to pay back wages and compensation for termination of the contract.  


Pecsi MFC will lose 3 points in case of non-payment of debt to Dimitar Makriyev

FIFA pronounced Hungarian club, Pecsi MFC, guilty of failing to comply with the decision passed on 15 October 2015, by which the club was condemned to the payment of all outstanding amounts until the end of the expired contract with the Bulgarian player, Dimitar Makriev. Pecsi MFC is granted a final period of grace 30 […]