The Court of Arbitration for Sports has put the end to “FC Tyumen case”.

On 7 April 2017 the Court of Arbitration for Sports issued a decision in case between football player Serdyukov and FC Tyumen.

To remind, the case started in October 2013, when following the results of 2012-2013 sporting season FC Tyumen was promoted to the Football National League, and denied the group of player who left the club to pay the promotional bonus.

In April 2016 the Club got a decision of the ordinary court, according to which the Club’s administrator was denied in payment of promotional bonus. The Decision of Kalininsky district court of the Tyumen city has lied down as a grounds for reconsideration of all the cases, won by the players in RFU earlier. In June 2016, RFU in short terms cancelled decisions in favor of 8 players and 3 coaches with a link to the ordinary court decision and lifted the ban on registering new players form the club.

The Player submitted the appeal on RFU Players Status Committee decision to the CAS. As a result the CAS ruled that cancellation of the football association decisions based on ordinary court decision is unlawful. The CAS annulled unjustified decision of RFU and obliged FC Tyumen to pay the promotional bonus.

This Tuesday, 25 April 2017, the RFU Disciplinary Committee will consider the issue, and in case no fulfilment of the CAS decision will be made by the Club, the FC Tyumen will be deducted 6 points from it’s a team in the FNL Championship.

The Players in all the instances are represented by lawyers of international law company SILA.