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Deputies continue to fight for the poor debtors

Experts of the All-Russian People’s Front (ONF) do not agree with the position of the government, which is against the preservation of income for the debtors in the amount of the subsistence minimum. The draft amendments to the law on enforcement proceedings in the State Duma in December were made by United Russia deputies and ONF activists Natalia Kostenko, Olga Savastyanova and 112 deputies. They proposed to limit the amount of penalties on judicial debts from the salaries of debtors: they should have an amount not lower than the subsistence minimum established in the region. Now the bailiffs can collect up to 50% of the proceeds without taking into account the remaining amount. The government sent a negative response to the Duma to the Duma in January (Vedomosti got acquainted with it). The government believes that the debtor can get installments through the court, and if his income is below the subsistence minimum, he will not pay at all.

Partner of the law company SILA International Lawyers Yakovleva Ekaterina thinks that the bill will need to be finalized. “On the one hand, the amendments are aimed at preserving the interests of the debtors – now the bailiffs really leave the subsistence minimum only with a one-time penalty, on the other hand, if the debtor has the minimum wage, then it can be collected from him indefinitely.If there is a balance of interests, then, perhaps, another mechanism of recovery will work: bailiffs will start looking for property of debtors, – Ekaterina gave her comments to the “Vedomosti”.
You can read the full version of the article at this link: https://www.vedomosti.ru/newspaper/articles/2018/02/01/749737-deputati-borotsya