Sports law

International law company SILA International Lawyers is specializing in sports law services.

Our specialists are experienced in supporting of sports organizations activity and consulting of sportsmen, coaches, agents and other sports-related subjects.

Services of the department:

  • Consulting on questions of application of legislation on sports and sports regulations;
  • Consulting on questions of holding international sports competitions;
  • Consulting on questions of sponsorship in sport, use and protection of commercial and other rights of sports competition organizers and sponsors;
  • Consulting on questions related to antidoping regulations;
  • Mediation of conflicts in sport and representation in sports disputes in front of dispute resolution bodies of internal and international sporting federations (RFU, KHL, FIFA), and also in courts of arbitration for sports (CAS, BAT, etc.);
  • Draft of legal documents in sports (legislation and regulations drafting);
  • Legal support of sports-related organizations activity;
  • Performing of sports-related legal audit of sporting organizations;
  • Legal assistance to football clubs and football schools in questions of solidarity payments receipt;
  • Legal assistance to players in questions of change of football association.