The Law and Sport 3rd International Conference was held

On March 28, 2018, the Law and Sport 3rd International Conference took place at the VEB Arena stadium in Moscow. It was organized by SILA International Lawyers law firm with the support of company partners FUR, RFPL, PFC CSKA and the Sport Business Consulting magazine. Representatives from 20 countries attended the conference.



Organized by

SILA International Lawyers. The conference will be held in Russian and English (with simultaneous interpreting).


SILA participated in VII International Congress on Football Law

Georgi Gradev, Mikhail Prokopets and Yury Zaytsev, Partners of SILA International Lawyers, and Darina Nikitina, Head of Sports and Labor Law Practice, participated in VII International Congress on Football Law on 17-18 November 2017 in Madrid, La Ciudad del Futbol de Las Rozas.

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Partners of SILA participate in education of managers in team sports

Yury Zaytsev and Mikhail Prokopets lectured in RMA business school within educational
program “Management in team sports”. The course consisted of a block focused on the legal aspects of the sports industry, in particular on the regulation of organization of sporting events, advertising in sports, disputes resolution system, and a block related to the labor regulation in sports. Theoretical aspects were illustrated with examples of SILA projects, the latest CAS and
FIFA case law.


A conference of the Pravo.Ru on sports law was held in Moscow

On October 27 a conference on “Sports law and sports arbitration”, organized by Pravo.Ru – the leading Russian legal portal, was held in the Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel. SILA International Lawyers had been a partner of this conference. The partners of the company Mikhail Prokopets and Yury Zaytsev, who had been moderators of the conference, took part in the conference, as well as lawyers from the Moscow office of the company Maria Tokmakova, Ilya Chicherov and Pavel Fedotov.


SILA International Lawyers partner Mikhail Prokopets took part in the sports forum Sport Connect held in Sochi on 23-24 March 2017.

Speech of Mikhail Prokopets was held in the section devoted to the conflicts and crises of Russian sport that took place in 2016. Mikhail elaborated on the problems related to doping in Russian sport and the specificity of the legal work in anti-doping cases. The full version of Mikhail Prokopets speech can be found here (from 12 minutes).


SILA is taking part in education of managers in sports

Following the course in RMA business-school for managers in sports, the head of sports law department Darina Nikitina is giving lectures dedicated to questions of international and national regulation of sport.

In terms of a course the students are acquainted with latest case law  of SILA and landmark jurisprudence of FIFA and CAS.

Nearest classes of the specialist will take place in April.


Experts of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation discussed the legislation governing entrepreneurs in sports sphere.


On 27 March 2017 the experts of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation held a meeting following which the problems of legislation governing entrepreneurs in sport were captioned.

The following representatives of Committee attended the meeting: vice minister of sport of Russian Federation Natalya Parshikova, the member of Federal Council Tatyana Lebedeva, the head of State Duma sports department Alexander Nikitin, experts of Moscow State Law Academy Denis Rogachev and Olga Shevchenko, the head of sports department of SILA international company – Darina Nikitina.