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Everybody knows that the crisis is time for new ideas. As Lewis Carroll said in the immortal “Alice through the Looking Glass”: “It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that”.
Lawyers have long ceased to be just people who go to court and draw up documents. A good lawyer becomes an indispensable specialist who helps with a contract, family problems, investments, real estate and who is trusted by the most complex and non-obvious questions.
Today we announce the opening of another line in our company – SILA Markerting. In our practice, we have faced with the fact that brands and athletes need help in order to find each other and start a partnership. Having a wide network of contacts both among athletes and among brands and agencies, this is not a problem for SILA.
The goal of SILA Marketing will be consulting, legal and other assistance in creating an advertising product, beneficial to both brands and athletes/clubs.
SILA has a vast experience in the field of sports marketing: from working with sports federations, clubs, organizing committees of international sports events to top Russian and foreign athletes.

We invite all brands and agencies who are interested in developing projects in this field, as well as athletes who want to receive additional income from advertising contracts, to cooperation. Email us at office@silalawyers.com or call at +7 (495) 803 36 31.

Click here to see our completed projects, the list of which will be updated: http://silalawyers.com/marketing/