The last hearings of the Player’s Status Committee of RFU as an extraordinary appeal body

On Friday, 18 December 2015, seven arbitrators of the RFU Player’s Status Committee have met as an extraordinary appeal body for the last time.

Hearing on the case of FC “Lokomotiv” and FC “Nika” on the interest for the late payment ended in favor of FC “Nika”. The Committee has leaved the decisions of the previous instances in force (see more about the case on our website).

In extraordinary appeal procedure the case of FC “Tyumen” and its ex-footballers on non-payment of the bonus for joining the Football National League in 2014 has also been heard. The Committee ordered that FC “Tyumen” must pay the bonus to the players.  The last instances decisions on the case staid in force.

To remind, that starting from 1 January 2016 an extraordinary appeal procedure in RFU Committee has been rescinded.

The interests of the players in dispute with FC “Tyumen”, and of FC “Nika” in dispute with FC “Lokomotiv” was represented by lawyers of the Legal Sport.