The RFU Control and Disciplinary Committee (CDC) refused to uphold the protest of FC Khimki but recognized the violation by FC Lokomotiv

The Committee invoked Article 12 of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, according to which a suspended player shall miss one match under the auspices of the RFU. Considering that the match of Tinkoff RPL FC Krasnodar – FC Lokomotiv was postponed, the football player of FC Lokomotiv, Jan Kukhta, served one match of the suspension imposed in the Czech competitions in the Betcity Cup of Russia match against FC Yenisey.

At the same time, the RFU CDC admits that the Moscow club unlawfully entered the disqualified player into the roster in the cup match. In accordance with article 62 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, a player serves a suspension regardless of whether he played or not in the relevant match.

FC Lokomotiv was represented by SILA International Lawyers.